ABA Member Benefits

Some of the many ways we help your business grow:

  • Connect with other members of the Ashland Business Community.  Special networking times occur before and after the monthly business meetings.
  • Explore new ways to grow your business through the educational seminars presented during the monthly meetings and the follow-up Lunch-and-Learn hands-on events.
  • Utilize our access to town and local government to gain needed business information, assistance, and support.
  • Participate in the development of the Ashland community through the ABA’s partnering efforts with the Ashland Town Manager and the Ashland Economic Development Director.  
  • Engage in a wider business environment through the MetroWest Chamber of Commerce.  Your ABA membership, allows participation in MWCC programs at the member rate and as an active member receive a discount on your MWCC membership.
  • Showcase your business at a monthly business meeting with a 10-minute member presentation or at one of the Home-Based Business tables. Presenting businesses are also promoted through Ashland Directions, the Local Town Pages, MetroWest Daily News, and the ABA social media channels.
  • Promote your business on the ABA website: AshlandFirst.com.  The new website features ways to highlight your business and to direct visitors to your store, website, or other social media.  Your business can also be spotlighted via the ABA social media channels.
  • Manage your business’ social media profile with a social media student intern. Through a partnership with the Ashland High School, the ABA partners businesses with high school students who help develop and teach social media marketing while they gain practical professional experience.

Other Opportunities:

  • Ashland Street Map:  Exclusive advertising for your business is available on the ABA’s Ashland Street Map, distributed throughout the town.
  • ABA Business Card Racks: Display your business card at Town Hall and Sunnyside Café.
  • WACA-TV “ABA Membership Spotlight”:  Create your own video asset on Ashland’s cable access television.
  • Ashland Day:  Talk to members of the community and promote your business at events such as Ashland Day by representing the ABA at our table.

Come check out the new ABA. We’re keeping businesses on track in Ashland!


Join other Ashland business leaders and see how the ABA can help you and your business grow

About the ABA

The Ashland Business Association (ABA) is a group of business owners, executives, managers, and employees working together to foster ties between business and community. The ABA is dedicated to increasing profitability and visibility for its members, and to advocating for a positive business environment within the Town of Ashland.

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